Neo- Humanism in a Nutshell - 2
by Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar


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Neohumanism is a world—view characterized by  love for the Supreme. Love for the Supreme ultimately overflows onto all objects created by the Supreme. In turn, adoption of the Neohumanistic outlook safeguards and enhances  the development of one’s spiritual devotion. So devotion expands one’s world-—view, and the more expansive the world-view, the more one finds the  ecstasy and peace of devotion.  In The Liberation of Intellect: Neohumanism,  Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar laid the foundations of  this philosophy; and in this first part of the three- part Neohumanism in a Nutshell series, he  elaborates further on the spiritual basis of Neohumanism, and sets out in clear language the  Neohumanistic position regarding dogma.  We are for all, and . . . we are to build up a new society, a Neohumanistic society.  S0 we must not waste our time, and if are late in doing our duty, the dark  shadow of complete destruction will  overpower our existence. We should be conscious of this; we should be cautious, of this; we must not waste a single moment of our valuable existence.

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ID: 34
Title: Neo- Humanism in a Nutshell - 2
Author/Artist: Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar
Format: Paper back
Vendor: Ananda Marga Publications
Published: 1987
Page Count: 65
Dimensions: 8.5 In. x 5.38 In.
Keywords: Neo-Humanism, Dogma, Humanity, Sadvipra

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